Time flies.

Well it doesn’t as such; there are the long grey Thursday afternoons of the soul when nothing seems to move, sleepless nights when a child just won’t settle that seem to go on forever or that endless longing …

Mea culpa

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By a mixture of accident and design, I rarely preach these days. When I am in a church, I’m happy just to listen and not to speak: I’ve used so many words.

Often I’ve been grateful for what has been …


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This time last week I was on a far island.

I spent a weekend on a wilderness retreat: just over 2 days of surviving, deep and frivolous conversation, silence, prayer & whisky. It is the 4th time in the last …


Just a brief break in the blog silence… IMG_1566

As from now, I am able to say that I have teenage children: our youngest child, Ben, is 13 today.

The picture above feels like a lifetime ago when people were smaller, …

New Paths

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On the 9th day of Christmas…

…you think about coming Epiphany; new insights, new ways.

A few weeks ago I was leading a course in a hotel. During one of the breaks, to get some fresh air and to refocus, …

Letting go

On the 8th day of Christmas….

….You re calibrate: the main celebration is over and you try and look differently into the new year.

I once had a lecturer at college who spoke about how there should be a ‘sacrament …